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Tencent interview with Mr. Hui Fu Wah (Managing Director of CountryBrightgroup)

Country Bright attended the China International Fashion Fair. Mr.Hui Fu Wah, Managing director of Country Bright group received an interview from Tencent. The following was the interview contents :
Moderator: Hello internet friends, welcome to China International Fashion Fair, guests interview room of Tencent female. The one sitting next to me is Mr. Hui Fu Wah, Managing director of Country Bright group.
Hui Fu Wah : Hello
Moderator: Mr.Hui, how many times does Country Bright brand participate in the Fair ?
Hui Fu Wah : This is our first time.
Moderator: Can you simply tell our internet friends what your plan and theme are for exhibiting in the Fair this year ?
Hui Fu Wah : The main reason we participated is to show our two current children’s clothing brands.
Moderator: Any activity for Kidswear this time ? Or is there any theme on display?
Hui Fu Wah: Yes. As one of the brands has already launched within these few years, another Japanese brand is just recently launched. They are completely different in the design and fabric.
Moderator: completely different two will they exhibit in two different venues to introduce to the visitors ?
Hui Fu Wah : We were not very clear about the Fair before we participate. But after joining this time, we feel that the atmosphere is quite good.
Moderator: Yes, many people here.
Hui Fu Wah : a lot of people and many came to our booth to ask a lot of information, we are quite excited about this !

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Moderator: Since your brand is a Southern brand, we know that the Southern brands are doing pretty good and many varieties. However the most visitors here are coming from the Northern part of China. Are you having a great idea or a very ambitious plan for your brand ?
Hui Fu Wah : Don't mention great idea, as we have handled Japanese brands for many years, the brand has been growing fast in Japan and another brand has been also launched in China for a few years , so we’ve got a considerable number of Chinese customers already. We noticed that the brand is doing so well in Japan, so we want to introduce it to China. Thus we participate in this Fair to let more people know about these two brands.
Moderator: We know that the sales of the brand are doing very good in Guangdong and Fujian and earns a lot of good reputation from the public. But the Northern part is not the same, so is it the purpose of participating in the Fair so as to let more people know?
Hui Fu Wah : Whether the people from the Southern or the Northern part, when they see beautiful things, they will have their own feelings. In my own point of view, I do not want to distinguish the concept between the Southern and the Northern part of people.
Moderator: Children's clothing is relatively a new piece and its development space is quite large, Can you tell us about your investment in this piece and any consideration for it ?
Hui Fu Wah: Our factory has been doing export business for almost three decades, mainly children's clothing. We exported most of the children's clothing to Europe and Japan...Japan is comparatively much more. Many Japanese brands that we’ve produced before have gained lots of popularity and high reputation and the market share is great too ! Many of them are even very well- known brands. So we think that as these brands have not yet existed in China which can provide more choices for the consumers, we try to introduce these brands into the market so that China can have such a clothing for the consumers to select more.
Moderator: During the introduction of your clothing brand, do you have any idea how to make the brand more deeply rooted, more accepted and recognized by the consumers ?
Hui Fu Wah: I cannot achieve the goal by just attending the Fair for once and the first time !

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Moderator: But this is a starting point.
Hui Fu Wah : Yes, it’s a starting point. In fact, the most important thing is that your clothing can let people feel beautiful, comfortable and safe when wearing.
Moderator: Yes, this is very important.
Hui Fu Wah : We have our own testing laboratory, we make customers clear that we always pay attention to safety. Our printing factory buys printing stuffs from Japan and do printing by themselves. They pay great attention to the children’s safety because the formaldehyde is not good for the skin and health. We carry out the testings for all of our production processes.
Moderator: Did the test perform strictly from the very beginning?
Hui Fu Wah : from the early nineties, 1991, 1992 till now
Moderator: always insist on this?
Hui Fu Wah : cannot say “insist” , it’s a habit.
Moderator: this habit has been going on from the very beginning
Hui Fu Wah : Yes, so many customers came to our factory and said “you’re doing very well.”
Moderator: When the parents choose clothing to their children, I think the parents are very willing to spend money if it is nice. In this case, how to do to make the adults feel reassured? As the children did not have the ability to select, how do you let the parents accept, do you have any advertising effect?
Hui Fu Wah : There is no advertisement before but now we want to let them know a little more about our factory production process. Consumers can only see the clothes whether beautiful or not, they only feel the baby is wearing beautifully so they will buy. However, this is just the surface of things. Safety measures must be done during the production. Though the parents cannot see we still have to do ! It’s because a brand is not popular only for 1 or 2 years but we hope that they can wear continuously for a long time. They can feel the clothes safe when wearing it.
Moderator : This is done by your reputation and practice.
Hui Fu Wah : Yes.
Moderator: This year, Expo has put forward a ten-year plan because it is a review of the past decade, looking to the next decade, so put forward a "golden decade" concept. Each brand possibly has its own planning and promotion in this decade. I would like to know in the next decade, do you have any plan to make the brand bigger and do more publicity for it ?
Hui Fu Wah : We will consider increasing publicity. On the other hand, we should practise to do more better for the brand in the next decade. Publicity is publicity, but the most important thing is whether your brand is accepted by the market or not, whether safe or not and what the style is, so that the consumers are willing to buy and feeling good when wearing them.
Moderator: Do you think the word of mouth definitely help ?
Hui Fu Wah : Yes, because we have to be responsible for the children. If you have this sense of responsibility from the heart, other people will understand.
Moderator: I think this is very important to persist, it’s the foothold of the brand. Thank you very much for attending our interview. Thank you.
Hui Fu Wah : Thank you.