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Country Bright Company owns RagMart and Kiccoly,
which a unique style of exquisite products are carefully created.


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KICCOLY is one of the children's wear brand of DongGuan Country Bright Company, created by an international-level design team from the world's leading fashion country ~ Japan. Its design concept is mainly about Japanese mountain/outdoor style, the use of colorful, lively and lovely, environmentally friendly fabrics combine fashion, personality, healthy and comfortable to wear as their ultimate aims for a wide range of children's clothing collections. In the end of 2012, KICCOLY was first introduced to China and officially launched to the China market in the summer of 2013.

KICCOLY, by using unique color patterns, distinctive personality, to break the limitations of domestic children's clothing imitating adult’s wear styles, making KICCOLY products to be more personalized and at the same time very interesting, adorable; giving children a healthy, comfortable and colorful childhood.

KICCOLY children's clothing aims at natural, environmental protection, original ecology for its design concept. All styles are using natural fabrics in order to create a natural & comfortable children's clothing world. Committed to high-quality workmanship and the medium-level priced products, KICCOLY’s popularity rises to the forefront of the similar product types for boys & girls aged 2-8. Simultaneously, KICCOLY launched sweet & warm parent-child clothing so as to let the children enjoy wearing with their parents.

If childhood is a color, what color do you want? Will it be white like clouds floating in the sky ? Will it be green as trees standing quietly on the river bank or as the colorful rainbow colors after the rain ? "KICCOLY" wants to acquaint with you again, beginning from asking your name, wishing to accompany the most innocent children grow up together and bring the most precious memories to the children.