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Country Bright Company owns RagMart and Kiccoly,
which a unique style of exquisite products are carefully created.


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Rag Mart is a Japanese kids wear brand which first launched to Japan market in 2003. Its natural & elegant temperament, once launched, had caused strong reaction from the market and the demand throughout the general public. After several years building up the image, with its fresh, natural and simple design, healthy and eco- friendly fabrics, stringent quality requirements and the Japanese high testing laboratory standard , the brand has been continually maintained the top leading kids wear sales position in Japan.
Being loved by most Japanese parents and children for many years, Rag Mart has more than 300 stores located in department stores , shopping malls counters, such as Takashimaya, Tobu, Isetan, Mitsukoshi, Sogo, Odakyu etc.. it is definitely one of the most popular children's clothing brand in Japan market.
Brand philosophy is committed to providing children a happy and healthy childhood, natural and simple as a whole, so that children can appreciate the pastoral & nature beauty. She dedicated to the kids not just simply a clothing, it is actually a childhood gift, which become the children’s lifetime most wonderful moments, the sweetest memories.
We, Country Bright Group of Hong Kong is so proud to be the only production base for Rag Mart and the sole agent in Hong Kong & China markets, we started our franchise business at these two places in 2009 so as to let the Chinese & Hong Kong children experience the same temperament and high quality clothing standard as Japanese kids do which lead to healthier life as well. Until now, there are more than 50 stores located in China & HK. This year, we are deciding to spread the same philosophy to Europe and USA as well. Rag Mart children's clothing with "simple highlights elegant, simple reflects noble" integrates into the lives of children everywhere, interprets childhood's sweetness and sporty, a perfect crossover of a child's life.